becoming a member is easy

(1) Simply click on the payment plan you want

(2) fill out the requested information

We will contact you shortly after receiving payment to discuss all the benefits that come with membership and answer any questions you may have. We really do want to make sure you get the most out of your membership!

If you do not wish to pay online by credit card, please contact us at to arrange another form of payment (e.g., paying with a check).

Choose one of the 4 membership types below

Full details for each type are found in our Constitution & By-Laws.

1. Full voting Member

This membership type gives you access to all membership privileges, including event discounts, clubhouse rental discounts, voting rights, and more! If you pay monthly, membership is less than $30/month!

Full Membership (Yearly)
Full Membership (Quarterly)
Full Membership (Monthly)

We also have discounted membership options for:

(2) new members, (3) senior citizens, and (4) people living outside the Lake Telemark area.

2. NEW Member (40% discount)

If you have never been a member before (or haven't been a member for 3 consecutive years), you pay only $17.50/month for your first year! You still receive all privileges that a full member receives.

New Member (Yearly)
New Member (Quarterly)
New Member (Monthly)

3. SENIOR Member (50% Discount)

We offer a significant discount for seniors (65+ years old) living in the Lake Telemark Community! As a Senior Member, you receive all privileges that a full member receives and pay only $14.58/month!

Senior Member (Yearly)
Senior Member (Quarterly)
Senior Member (Monthly)

4. ASSOCIATE MEMBER (40% discount)

If you live outside the Lake Telemark Community and would still like to enjoy the benefits of membership, you can become an Associate member and participate in our discounted events, free member events, clubhouse rentals, and more! However, as an Associate Member, you are not eligible to vote or hold office in the club. Otherwise, you receive all privileges that a full member receives for only $17.50/month!

Associate Member (Yearly)
Associate Member (Quarterly)
Associate Member (Monthly)