The Lake

Lake Telemark is the centerpiece of our community, around which our families live, play, and grow. Membership fees pay for maintenance of the lake, grounds, and dam. It is our goal to preserve the lake’s natural beauty.


The Clubhouse

Our two-story Clubhouse is the perfect space for hosting all kinds of events. Members get discounted rental rates for personal or professional events.

The People

Our Club caters to the people who define our community - children, families, adults, and seniors. We always have new and exciting ideas for members, families, and local businesses.

The Events

Monthly events provide entertainment and bring the community together. Past events include holiday parades and parties, movie and community nights, and more. Members get free or reduced rates to our events.

Board of Directors

  • Eric Nellessen, President since 2014

  • Mick Jacobs, Vice President and Bar Manager since 2014

  • Abby Bruss, Women’s Club President 2014-2017, Secretary since 2017

  • Al Pearson, Treasurer since 2014

  • Sandy Rubolotta, Rental Manager since 2014

  • Rachael Jacobs, Board Member 2014-2017, Women’s Club President since 2018

  • Susan Gorman, Assistant Rental Manager since June 2019

  • Marie Reedell, Communications Officer since July 2019

  • Sara Scheller, Environmental Protection Officer since July 2019

  • Patrick Cooper, Men’s Club President since July 2019

Important documents

By-Laws (view here)

Information regarding your rights and responsibilities as a member.

Lake Telemark Filed Map Ares (view here)

Are you in the Lake Telemark community?

Proposed Budget 2019-2020 (view here)

We know your money is important! Here is a breakdown of how your membership dues will be used.